Monday, August 07, 2006

Live Rats, Dead Flies, Fleas

A catalogue of vermin.

The highlight of the day was answering the phone around lunch time (I wasn't very hungry anyway) to be asked by someone who wouldn't identify herself to be put through to the manager, or a deputy manager or an assistant manager or some such lofty personnage. Eventually she relented and explained that she'd seen a rat scurrying away from our premises along a gutter in the direction of the video rental place opposite.

She hadn't seen the thing actually on our premises and had no idea what we might possibly do about a rat she'd seen half an hour earlier (which for all she might know had wandered down to the railway station and boarded a train for London in the meantime), but I suppose she felt better for letting us know.

A member of the shop floor staff and I found the dead fly while we were trying to decipher a handwritten order from the woman who'd done a check of gaps in the cheeses/butter cabinets. We didn't find the products she'd miscoded, but we did find the fly. It wasn't any consolation.

I got bitten by a flea during the afternoon. So our office is hereby unofficially declared flea-ridden. How charming.

We also had a stinky customer in. Not the stinky customer all the Kiddies think must have gangrene, the one who can be smelled from one side of the store to the other. This one in yesterday was less stinky, but stinky all the same. Smell-able from one end of the checkouts to the other, with a stench which like that of the other woman lingers long after she's waddled off to the carpark. Gross

Both of them are married. Unfair as well as simply unbelieveable.

It's raining and today I have to walk to work. Also unfair. I'm sure August was supposed to be hot and sunny. Bloody weather forecasters. They're vermin too.


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