Friday, August 18, 2006

The Lunatics (Pt 2)

Did I really believe that would be that. Ha....

I arrived for the start of my afternoon/evening shift to discover that in the morning my colleagues had been called by the person who'd phone and asked me to do him a favour (as described towards the end of the previous post).

They could see the paperwork, including a copy of the sent email providing all the information he'd requested...


I'd sent it to the wrong person, hadn't I. As you may recall the person requesting the favour didn't identiry himself. And I foolishly assumed that person failing to identify himself was the Peasant with form in this area. But it wasn't the peasant at all ... in fact it was the Flunky who knew perfectly well I can't tell one jackass from another. I would love, in retrospect, to be able to say that did what I did, in sending the info to the wrong person, quite deliberately. Alas, I wasn't that quick. But the net effect was just as I would have liked.


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