Sunday, August 20, 2006

More vermin

The foyer has begun to reek because a rat has crawled into the cash machine which backs into it there to die, and it has died, and it is now being cooked by the heat generated in there by the innards of the automatic teller.

The cash machine engineer was in attendance on Wednesday. But the rat had already been there and cooking for some days, so that man can't have much of a sense of smell. The pest control man has been in to investigate and gone ... because he's the guy who'll set traps for you rather than the guy to clears up the consequences.

Well the consequences might have to include a call to the district environmental health officer on Monday. We've been through a lot of air freshener but that's just masking the symptoms rather than treating them.

Saturday's stars however were human vermin.

We're plagued by shop lifters and the problem centres around alcohol. Either they're stealing booze to drink it themselves or they're stealing it to flog on - then either to under-age consumers who can't get past our scrutiny of anyone who looks under 21 or to fund an alternative habit (or both).

As a consequence we've done some restructuring of some of the corners or the shop that are most difficult to police (directly or via cameras). The illicit boozers' favourite corner has been dismantled so there's no more lurking behind the HobNobs with the own brand brandy anymore.

Not all thieves are so easily deterred and after some trouble at another outlet during the week we had uniformed security in. He was supposedly in to look out for this small gang of armed alcohol thieves: during the week they pulled a knife on a manager who attempted to stop them. CCTV images of the incident supposedly provide very good clear pictures of these thugs but we don't have them so the security guard (who'd seen the pictures) would be the only person able to ID them before they got into the store or otherwise caused problems.

The uniform is supposedly a deterrent so it was something of a surprise as well as a disappointment that the plucky guard they'd sent us spent most of the afternoon upstairs in the security suite with his feet up on the desk.


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