Tuesday, August 22, 2006


No not me. Don't be silly.

New promotion period began yesterday. New shelf talkers across the shop floor. New prices to download to tills, new shelf edge tickets to be printed off and put in place. Relatively speaking things ran rather smoothly. Working the afternoon/evening shift today I only found one talker that should have been removed before the end of Sunday ahead of the new promotion period beginning. By our standards, not bad.

Insufficient staff as usual. After Monday evening's perambulation about the floor to get a feel for the new deals (yes, I missed the errant talker too, or some twit put it back up - that has been known to happen) and the state of the store before breaking down and enormous load I had high hopes things would be a lot better. No such luck. Gaps everywhere. The only reason people shop with us is because they'd have to go out of town to shop anywhere else.

I had a fancy on Monday evening for the Penne with tomato and mozarella (chilled / microwaveable) and took the chance tonight to grab the head of that section (but not by that part of his anatomy he'd rather like me to grab him by) and asked him about said product, which we're promoting via a vast blue and white poster on the main offer display wall.

Daft Dave shuffled off and came back with something that well, yes, to give him his due did involve tomato and mozarella but no pasta of any sort. Later he came back to admit that he'd found the prominently promoted product in his current listing and now ordered it, so we should have it in store before this promotion period ends. Well done Dave. Shame I'm off on holiday from Friday.

Given the HOG situation the Sex Pest (aka The Stud) was in tonight to check over the Greengrocery order before transmitting it to the warehouse. The Hairdo took her chance to get her retaliation in first, prempting criticism of the lack of load breaking down/shelf stacking done on her shifts by pointing out how few staff we have.

Little direct evidence of contrition from His Excellency, but some. Hopefully he's learned his lesson and in future Summer Vacation periods, should he go down the road of taking on the uni/college students who flood back for the duration, he won't then allow them to turn around and take, um, holidays! FFS we were down four on Sunday alone and tonight had to fall back on a couple of junior drips to get anything out of the warehouse.

Thank God I'm on leave from Friday.


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