Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I can't even be bothered dreaming up a title for this blog. I'm under the kosh with the little warning about the scheduled outage up in the right hand corner to get this out quickly.

After 5:00pm but not that much later a woman I know from the school gate came in. I also know her because she's (and I know I'll offend some people with this) a religious nutter. By that I mean she's a born again christian - someone for whom the hereinafter matters more than the hereinnow, and never mind the fact that the hereinafter can only matter if the hereinnow does too.

Anyhow the point of this isnt' to start a debate about religious fundamentalist crackpots but to draw attention to what might seem at first glance to be an irony.

The woman was agitated about a missing bicycle belonging to a niece that her son had borrowed "a couple of nights ago" and had "left here when he came home".

Now as it happens I could recollect seeing a deep lilac coloured cycle lying on the floor outside our 'kiosk' entrance during the evening yesterday, and I told her so. It began to seem that the bicycle I could remember was that belonging to her niece so I put out a call for help, being unable to leave the main store and go traipsing about the place in search of a child's bicycle. Assistance arrived but in the meantime my S-i-C was clearly mouthing to me that the woman I was in conversation with was the mother of the would-be Southern Comfort thief of the previous evening.

Ah ha. The pieces fit together.

The bicycle had been removed by some caring member of staff to the 'back' area and was returned to the woman by the Sex Pest (on duty) who accompanied her to where it had been stored. I took great delight in informing him afterwards that the woman he'd been so solicitous towards was the mother of the would-be thief of the previous evening.

I sound unfeeling towards her an I'm not entirely. I happen to know that she went through a deep, dark period in perhaps her late teens or early twenties; drink and drugs were involved. Her path to stabilty was via a form of religosity that through it's narrow and deep channel shields her from those aspects of real life. She has saved herself from awful things in her own way.

Whether her older children (and she has six if memory serves) are either a reflection of her earlier life or a rebellion against her current life is immaterial.


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