Monday, September 18, 2006

You can F*** off too, Mr F.

I'm really very sorry to harp on about it but we had another one in tonight. Young, spotty and unshaven. He was spotted by my oh-so-reliable Spotter-in-Chief of theives.

There he was sauntering away from the check-outs with a half open backpack slung over one shoulder and a bottle of something that looked like whiskey in his right hand. I darted back to spot which way he was heading, but I lost him almost immediately.

The S-i-C co-opted a shelf stacker to keep an eye out for him in the main store while I ducked outside and headed for the alternative entrance which is to the kiosk (newspapers, fags, lottery) and which has a one-way entrance to the main store. As I headed in he was making his way out, using the semi-secret button which opens the door to the main store.

In my firmest voice I asked him politely to tell me what he'd done with the bottle of whiskey I'd seen him take from the shelves and walk out of the drinks aisle still holding.

He tried to have me believe that he'd put the bottle down somewhere else in store. So I asked him to tell me where. I got just what you'd expect so I asked him to show me. Somewhat to my suprise he actually accompanied me back through the doors. Perhaps he'd hoped that sign of willing would be enough to make me believe I'd misjudged him. Misjudge him, my arse. A few paces into the store he accepted that I wouldn't buy it ... any more than he was prepared to buy the bottle he then produced from his backpack. One bottle of Southern Comfort to return to the shelves.

Upstairs in the security suite I was able to confirm that the whole thing had been captured on cctv and we've now got the boring admin. to follow through that will result in him receiving his own personal Lifetime Banning Order. Congratulations Sir.

I later learned that his name is D___ F____ and that he's got convictions for grievous bodily harm.

Lower still down the food chain another scum bag who already has an LBO was in again and when challenged resorted to some pretty horrific verbal abuse of the staff member who took him on tonight. Tonight he's in custody. Advanced scum-bagging gets its own rewards.


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