Saturday, September 09, 2006

Stop it ... okay?

Stop with the thieving will you ... like now! Chasing thieves about the shop is seriously getting on my tits.

Today's criminal was some spotty youth who slipped a bottle (or perhaps two) of whiskey into his backpack and legged it. The bloke (sorry pharmacist) who runs the, um, pharmacy concession alerted me right when I was in the middle of trying to find some poor old dear some mixed peal. We wandered up and down every aisle in search of a young man with a back pack. Do you think we could find the fucker. Not even a perfectly innocent young man with a back pack. What would the odds be?

What really fucked me off (do you get the picture, I'm annoyed?) was one of the Gang of Four from Tuesday's escapade back in the store, dried out and down from what ever narcotic induced high he'd been on and looking sheepish. Which only goes to show that these tawdry fuckers do know right from wrong.


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