Monday, September 04, 2006

What the hell ... more Sex Pest

But first ....

Monday through Saturday the store opens to staff at 5:00 am but to the public at 7:00. The check-out supervisor, who puts together the roster when she arrives, doesn't start work until 8:30am. Between 6:00 and 8:30 those of us who have to make decisions about the deployment of staff resources somehow manage to scrape by... And even when the supervisor does pull together a list of who's in and when they'll be taking tea breaks and lunches we're no better informed as to who's working on the greengrocery, deli, bakery, dairy, chillded, meat/fish, booze, bread etc etc sections.

But Sunday? Oh, no Sundays are different. Quite why is less than abundantly clear but our Lord and Master (aka the Sex Pest, etc) has spoken and it was noticable that today both Scrawny Bint and The Bulldog (yes, the gang were all in) were singing from his hymn sheet in respect of the preparation of Sunday's staff list a good 48 hours in advance. Scrawny Bint patiently explained to COS that otherwise they don't know who's in and who's not... because they're in at 8:00 and the staff are in at 8:00 but the Sunday supervisor isn't in until 9:00 so for a good hour they're flying blind.

Hmmm ... If there's a good reason for all the trouble we're being asked to take over Sundays I'd back 'us' versus the COS and her Sunday counterpart. I just can't see the difference.

Quite why Scrawny Bint and Sex Pest both had to be in the store and working the same section escaped me, too.

The only exciting thing to happen before I escaped was an audacious thief who had the temerity to ask for help - for me to serve him some food from behind the hot food counter. I handed requested items and followed him vaguely in the direction of the checkouts. A quick word with a member of staff and when I round the corner he's already legged it, rustling deli bags hastily shoved under his shirt.

I hope that the ham he bought, that was cooked first thing this morning, poisons him. Or if not that, I hope it burned him shoved up against his bare flesh as it was.

Only when I got home about an hour ago did I learn from someone who was working this morning that the entire store knows of Mad Mrs Sex Pest's histrionics of yesterday. How? Not from me. So either from Hairdo or more intriguingly from Sex Pest himself.

Though I initially favoured Hairdo telling either her administrative pest (who is an inveterate gossip) or her only other friend in the entire building (the warehouseman - well placed to spread stories).

My source however favours the theory that Sex Pest himself has had a high old time of it sharing (in total confindence of course, and only with a select few) the story of his wife's moment of madness yesterday.


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