Friday, September 22, 2006

The Bicycle Thief rides again

This morning I nipped out to do some shopping. Being indolent (acutally also the weather is foul and I was reluctant to go further than essential). Our house is set below the level of the road we're on and set some way back. I decided just to walk up and over the road because we have an express version of the Great Supermarket Satan on the other side of the road and about 20 metres to the left of our front gate.

As I trudged up the path and with the limited view available under the lip of my umbrella I could see a couple of kids loitering in the car park of the carpark directly opposite (attached to another small business, not the Great Satan). Clearly they were up to something. They were nervous and worried about me and what I might do (though what they thought I might do in the pouring rain with my umbrella being buffetted and my flip-flops squelching and slipping on my feet is a mystery).

I sloshed across the Great Satan's car park and as I did so who should I see but the Bicycle Thief (and would-be Southern Comfort lifter). I'd told the Sex Pest I was sure I'd recognise him if I ever saw him again, though I wasn't acutally all that sure - spotty adolesents with a bit of bum fluff about the lower reaches of the chin all look alike to me these days. As it happens I recognised him instantly and some dim light of recognition lit up in his eyes too. I turned to watch him join his mates, jubilantly flourishing the bag he'd left the shop with. I suspected theft, but that would be the Great Satan's problem.

When I got in (and this is an express and so not at all large) the two operators who I both recognise and who both shop sometimes with us were engaged in a conversation. Seems the older one, who had served him the alcohol had rung up the transaction, bagged the goods and accepted money before asking for proof of age. That turned out to be too late; the smart-arse grabbed the goods, left what ever change he was owed and legged it saing "too late, too late".

Yup they were caught out. The kid isn't 18 years old or even, probably 17.

Still his card is now marked with them, which means he's reduced to plaguing the convenience store at the bottom end of town.


  • At 9:16 pm, Blogger Pizza Hut Team Member said…

    Thugs are around everywhere. We even get them at Pizza Hut, except they combine being thugs, with trying to be cocky or being plain thick. An example of this is chavs hanging round the drinks machine, just refilling their drinks, without drinking the one the just refilled. What makes people want to hang around a drinks machine? I'm glad we have security - because they deter them, most of the time. Then there are the idiots who go upstairs and throw food down at people walking by - why waste their food - and cause a problem? We don't get shoplifters luckily, as everything the customer can get, they can have - free refills on soft drinks, hot drinks and ice cream.

    I'm a young person, but I'd never dream of doing any of stuff these t$%ts do!

  • At 12:01 pm, Blogger Al said…

    That's something we don't really have a problem with. Well, not that I'm aware of anyway. Being stuck in the windowless area behind the entrance I don't get to see much.


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