Sunday, September 24, 2006


Just today:

The Kiddie who 'does' the newspapers on Sunday morning arrives, moped about with a 'bad back' for a couple of hours and slunk off home.

The drip who we used to have on freezers in the morning and kiosk in the afternoon on Sudays is now OIC bread in the mornings and ovens in the afternoon. Which doesn't explain why a girl on her last day burned her arm with chicken fat having to take some out of the oven during the afternoon.

The newly appointed deputy HOG came in to let us know he's leaving (after one week, which is some kind of record)

The future deputy senior Lard Arse (not as big as the current Queen of Capacious, but a close second) came into the Store and boasted about how she's starting work with us tomorrow. Never mind the mystery of why on earth we'd ever employ someone to do what is a physically demanding job clearly they're in no shape to carry out, she thinks she's starting tomorrow even though she couldn't be arsed to turn up mid-week for her pre-start training. Love the attitude. We're going to get on so well.

The smelly operator didn't lose her rag with any customers today.

A customer harangued me for a minute of my life I'll never get back out our pricing structure on electric toothbrushes and replacement heads. OK the fag-end of the range Braun retails at £7.99 (and comes complete with brush head and battery) while replacement brush heads (in two pack) retail at £9.99. I'm still not sure of his point. You buy a dirt cheap and the brush heads cost almost as much? You bought a dirt cheap electric toothbrush, sir. It's a free country but you do have to pay the price of your folly.

The afternoon kiosk operator and I completed the Sunday Something general knowledge crossword.

Newly recruited Head Girl (the know-it-all from hell) was set to work on the soft drinks aisle and promptly set to opening the multipacks. Jesus.

I spent another minute of my life being harangued by a woman who couldn't find the chickpeas ... because at some time in the past (since she last bought them, one would like to think) we've altered the packaging.

Hairdo has a new ailment ... nothing to do with her water-works or her reproductive bits or her haitus (spelling?) hernia, or her gall stones. Still not sure what. Not particularly interested either.

Senior clerk is still keen to be friends and brought in some towels she no longer has a use for. Perhaps she thinks we're short of them chez nous? Then again, that last suggestion presupposes she thinks. Back to the drawing board.

No Scrawny Bint, so no Sex Pest.

No Thieves either. So not a complete disaster of a day.


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