Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Our Daily Bread

The man in charge of the bakery section is responsible not only for the in-store bakery but also the bagged bread (your familiar commercial pre-packs) and on top of that all the other baked goods which includes the cakes and biscuits.

Bread being a staple and having a short shelf-life his is a demanding and high profile role. Having been in the job for about four years his is a familiar face too. He can't plead ignorance or hide down one of the aisles.

What he doesn't need is the type of person he had to deal with one day last week, a middle aged gentleman who approached him and asked:

"Do you have any fresh bread in the warehouse?"

Bakery mgr: "Yes, what would you like?"

[nb there was of course fresh bread on the shelves but the Bakery mgr knows through bitter experience that some people are not to be argued with]

Customer: bread

BM: yes, what sort

Customer: FRESH

BM: Any particular type of fresh bread?

Customer: A LOAF

You won't be surprised to learn that the Bakery Manager is a little thin on top.


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