Sunday, October 08, 2006


I'm no advocate of Tesco, indeed I decry the market postion it has achieved and the reprehensible methods by which it has attained and maintains that position. I'm sufficiently a free-marketeer to destest the dominance it has acquired and the willingness it has exhibited to crush life out of alternatives and the fight out of suppliers. But I'm also old enough to have seen other supermarkets occupy for a period this position of supremacy and indeed many a commercial operation collapse under the weight of its own market force - for within Tesco's success lies the seed of its ultimate demise (probably in fragmentation).

The position Tesco currently holds is unsustainable and in all probability the board knows this; which is precisely why they're making so much hay and with such gusto. The sun won't always shine so strongly on the good folk at Tesco Tower, Cheshunt.

In the mean time, though I'm flattered by the attention of Mr Tesco-Complaint who blogs here I feel I must make the point that I do not work for Tesco (and I apologise unreservedly to my employer if anything I wrote here in the past in anyway gave the impression otherwise). Okay?


  • At 5:15 am, Blogger tesco-complaint said…

    Why are you flattered by the blog?

    Thanks for the mention.



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