Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Ukraine (and other places)

I confess to keeping an eye on the number and location of visitors to this blog. The numbers frankly are static and not of particular interest me. I can think of a number of ways I might go about bolstering the numbers, but all of them leave me exhaused in the abstract let alone the execution.

As to the visitors, I know who some of them are and some of them have either explicitly said hello or linked here. Very welcome and delightful they all are, I do my best to reciprocate and certainly keep a weather eye out for new posts.

But what an earth would a visitor from the Ukraine make of tonight's rant about sociology misfits and theives? I wish they'd (you'd) leave a comment so I'd know!

I've found my Beatles No. 1s CD (long-since thought lost). That's me gone for the night to the strains of 8 Days a Week (which is pretty much what my working week feels like, come to think of it!)


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