Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sex Pests and Genial Drunks

Yet again the evening shift. The load in tonight was small so the entertainment was laid on by Sex Pest and Scrawny Bint.

Before that though rumours that had surface about Sex Pest's displeasure at the widespread knowledge of the whereabouts of certain critical security equipment were confirmed. [There only very few things Sex Pest actually likes to be widespread ... and they're both attached to Scrawny Bint.]

Seems he through quite a tantrum earlier in the week though at the time the intended target of the pint-sized fuhrer's rage was absent (ferrying No. 1 offspring to Uni) and by the time she re-surfaced he'd calmed down. Indeed after being a little bit 'cross' this morning he was cheered up by a reminder from the 'Deli Girls' about some unedifying bit of TV programming they'd all sat down to (though possibly not together) that featured among other marvels a 13" penis.

There was apparantly a whole entire programme devoted to the 'Male Member' and that really was all Sex Pest needed to keep him perked up all day. I brought my mobile into the office of necessity and pre-empted the telling off (before I'd got the measure of his mood) by explaining my exceptional reason for this usually verboten act. I got lots of "ooh, you've been a bad girl... I shall have to take a hair brush to you..." and lots of other sub-Carry On type stuff. He was still in the same mood at 9:00 when happily I was able to walk out and leave him to lock up.

In the mean time Robbo was in not once but twice tonight and cutting a truly folorn sight. Part of me responded but the greater part of me though 'manipulative bastard'. I took S off for the first visist (and set her for an early tea break) and for the second visit Scrawny Bint stationed herself at the checkout behind and sorted through promotion materials for the current promotion period.



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