Monday, October 09, 2006

We're not really a supermarket outlet...

This is sort of another Crappy Customer of the Day Award post, but since the person in question hasn't actually bought anything yet they don't technically qualify.

Her behaviour got me thinking about how we're perceived and I have to conclude that there are a lot of people out there who don't look on us as a business, and an outlet of a large corporate entity at that.

Instead they see us as an overgrown and still rather old-fashioned corner store. And from that flows an assumption of a rather more intimate and personal relationship with the store and its staff than a city centre Tesco (for example) might have to endure.

Would-be customers, or some of them, feel they have carte blanche to telephone at any old hour and discuss at length the possible causes of an absence from the shelves of a favoured variety of a specific drink line.

Which brings me to Mrs H. champion moaner who would be today's Crappy Customer of the Day if only she'd been able to buy her preferred cordial ... but she couldn't ... and that really was the point of her telephone call.

Mrs H has a cast in one eye, which is rather unfortunate but not her fault, and a frightfully frightfully accent that is entirely manufacturered. In stentorian accents she hectored me (sorry about the mangled homeric reference) and when I'd grovelled sufficiently she informed me (in Best Matron tones) that "Young Lady, your computer system needs seeing to".


And I'm that stupid I can't work that out on my own.

Even the Young Lady bit wasn't going to appease me. I happen to know that she's 80 if she's a day.


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