Friday, October 13, 2006


I did chronicle the wave of thieves we suffered a few weeks ago ... the reason the 'shoplifter' storyline dried up is that the supply of shoplifter stories dried up, and quite abruptly too. I've been thinking about this a bit over the course of what has turned out to be a fraught week due to a plague of a quite different sort. I guess the theives are all banged up for the moment.

In the meantime a new and rather peculiar form of idiot has emerged to try our patience. I don't know why it is than in the past couple of years I've seen nothing like it and now they all seem to have come out to annoy us.

I'm talking about, for example:

- the gentleman we'd never seen before who came in armed with his cheque book and no form of identification let alone a cheque guarantee card and wouldn't understand why we wouldn't accept a cheque as payment

- the gentleman who came in with his mother's cheque book and cheque card and couldn't understand why we wouldn't accept a cheque signed by him as payment, and wouldn't understand when we declined his offer of a cheque on which he'd, um, signed with his mother's signature

- the woman who came in with her husband's chip and pin card and when she couldn't remember the pin number insisted that we could force the 'system' to generate a docket which she could sign!

Amazingly that's just a selection of these idiots who seem all of a sudden to have completely lost the plot vis a vis cheque and card security. Ladies and gentlemen you may well love your parent, your child or your spouse (as the case may be) but the cheque books and cards are theirs, not yours. Get your own.


  • At 9:00 am, Blogger Al said…

    Almost as annoying are the people who will insist on trying to exceed their guarantee limit with cheques. Sorry, not happening.

    Or the people who know that they have a tight budget yet still buy a trolley full and have to put half of it back. You know you only have £XX so don't go nuts people. It's not hard.

    I'll stop now.


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