Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Why I'm flattered and other related matters

Mr Tesco-Complaint wonders why I might be flattered by his attention. The explaination is quite simple: an old bird like me ;) - is or at least should be flattered by any attention.

On the other hand I do think that having me chundering on about the minutiae and mundanities of real-life in the darker recesses of a retail outlet would obscure the central message of his blog which has a very, very specific purpose even if blogger (and I haven't yet switched over to the Beta version) did make back link available.

That said his singular blog does serve a very valuable purpose. I only noticed today that the tesco store over the road from me is still promoting a "two for" deal on large (1.5l) bottles of a certain well known brand of soft drink. The fine print on the shelf talker makes clear that the offer expired some time in mid-September. If it were not for the fact that I'm well known by staff there to work for the only rival in town I'd be over there tomorrow feigning an innocent enquiry as to the price for two bottles of said fizzy pop. The reason for my reticence: we couldn't afford to get into a war on inaccurate pricing with The Great Supermarket Satan - though in our case mis-pricing is ineptitude rather than malice.

Still I don't have to shop there. I can wait and go to the other supermarket in town, which happens to be the one I work for and which offers me a 'staff' reduction on my purchases. I only go into tesco out of sheer desperation or indolence and get my just desserts when I'm ripped off or mucked about. I do have an alternative and tesco will get the message about its behaviour when more of us are less passive.


  • At 2:14 am, Blogger tesco-complaint said…

    Glad you're flattered whatever your opposing view - since the tesco-complaint.blogspot.com blog is an open public complaint blog where anyone can post i'm hopeful you will add your complaint against tesco one day too!

    Have linked you so people can read what lifes like on the dark side :)


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