Sunday, October 15, 2006

Accidents will happen

I hadn't intended to post today, but then I hadn't intended to work. I was supposed to have a second Sunday off in succession, but then a late change of plans meant I had to go in. The person who told me I'd have to be in on a Sunday when Hairdo would be in overall charge also and very considerately told me where she keeps her secret stash of valium.

While our schedules are so 'up in the air' these things will continue to happen I suppose. Popping valium is so 1970s, which I guess is given the image I've given myself of resolute middle-agedness is so fitting.

Anyway I wasn't going to post but then Mrs F came in. Mrs F has featured before in connection with the sale or (double) return on sweet peppers which you can read about here. She was in again today and caught me completely unawares. Bitch.

The first I knew about her visit was a call that someone had returned a packet of dodgy green beans. Green beans are Mrs F's latest wheeze and it works like this:

Buy a slightly dried out looking packet of green beans of the cheaper variety they day before you need them. It is important that you plan ahead if you're thinking of pulling this trick on me, okay?

Come back in on the day you are actually planning to use the beans and, if we have a really decent looking replacement pack demand them plus your money back.

If we don't have the cheapo beans but do have the expensive (trimmed, washed etc) version which is less than half the weight and a more than half the price per pack then demand two packs of those as a replacement.

Don't forget to grope the manager who's agreed to let you have them by way of compensation and call her sweetie on the way out.

My God I detest that woman!


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