Sunday, October 15, 2006

There's a word for this

The percentage of our staff who've got their job because of who they know rather than what they're capable is lamentably high.

On the other hand a surpisingly reassuring percentage turn out for the best. Not sparkling, but adequate.

Not so the smug young daughter of our frozen goods manager who had to be on the receiving end of a verbal warning from Hairdo for slacking.

It isn't immediately clear why that particular young pup was singled out. We had extended tea breaks that lasted as long as twenty-five minutes, rudeness both to colleagues and other staff and an overall air of indolence.

What really gets on my tits is that these Kiddies seem to forget that I have it within my power to make their lives truly miserable, and I will if they slack off and let everyone else down. If I have to come in on Sunday and put up with Hairdo I will take that out on anyone who gives me a half decent chance.

So the freezer-loafer who I caught skiving down the cereals aisle got to clean up the crap (yes, real warm smelly shit) some toddler left behind, and another slacker got to clean up the piss a drunk left by the photobooth in the foyer.

Had there been no-one to pick on for such a matching pair of thankless tasks I might, just might, have had to do them myself; I never worry about such a prospect because there is always a slacker to single out.


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